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 +===== Compiler Error Codes =====
 +==== Description ====
 +This is a list of errors that will be reported when a program is run.  Once an error is encountered compiling is stopped and the program will not be executed.
 +^Error #^Error Message^Description^
 +|-1|Syntax Error|General compiler message when a statement is not formatted correctly.|
 +|-2|END IF without matching IF| |
 +|-3|ELSE without matching IF| |
 +|-4|END WHILE without matching WHILE| |
 +|-5|UNTIL without matching DO| |
 +|-6|NEXT without matching FOR| |
 +|-7|IF without matching END IF or ELSE statement| |
 +|-8|ELSE without matching END IF statement| |
 +|-9|WHILE without matching END WHILE statement| |
 +|-10|DO without matching UNTIL statement| |
 +|-11|FOR without matching NEXT statement| |
 +|-12|FUNCTION/​SUBROUTINE without matching END FUNCTION/​SUBROUTINE statement| |
 +|-14|You may not define a FUNCTION/​SUBROUTINE inside an IF, loop, or other FUNCTION/​SUBROUTINE| |
 +|-15|You may not define GLOBAL variable(s) inside an IF, loop, or FUNCTION/​SUBROUTINE| |
 +|-16|You may not define a label or use a GOTO or GOSUB statement in a FUNCTION/​SUBROUTINE declaration| |
 +|-17|Error assigning a number to a string variable| |
 +|-18|Error assigning a string to a numeric variable| |
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