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 +===== Error Codes =====
 +==== Description ====
 +This is a list of runtime error code numbers returned by the [[lasterror|LastError]] function and text error messages returned by the [[Lasterrormessage|LastErrorMessage]] function.
 +|Error #||Error Description|
 +|1|ERROR_NOSUCHLABEL|"​No such label"​|
 +|2|ERROR_FOR1|"​Illegal FOR -- start number > end number"​|
 +|3|ERROR_FOR2|"​Illegal FOR -- start number < end number"​|
 +|4|ERROR_NEXTNOFOR|"​Next without FOR"|
 +|5|ERROR_FILENUMBER|"​Invalid File Number"​|
 +|6|ERROR_FILEOPEN|"​Unable to open file"|
 +|7|ERROR_FILENOTOPEN|"​File not open."​|
 +|8|ERROR_FILEWRITE|"​Unable to write to file"|
 +|9|ERROR_FILERESET|"​Unable to reset file"|
 +|10|ERROR_ARRAYSIZELARGE|"​Array dimension too large"​|
 +|11|ERROR_ARRAYSIZESMALL|"​Array dimension too small"​|
 +|12|ERROR_NOSUCHVARIABLE|"​Unknown variable"​|
 +|13|ERROR_NOTARRAY|"​Not an array variable"​|
 +|14|ERROR_NOTSTRINGARRAY|"​Not a string array variable"​|
 +|15|ERROR_ARRAYINDEX|"​Array index out of bounds"​|
 +|16|ERROR_STRNEGLEN|"​Substring length less that zero"|
 +|17|ERROR_STRSTART|"​Starting position less than zero"|
 +|18|ERROR_STREND|"​String not long enough for given starting character"​|
 +|19|ERROR_NONNUMERIC|"​Non-numeric value in numeric expression"​|
 +|20|ERROR_RGB|"​RGB Color values must be in the range of 0 to 255."|
 +|21|ERROR_PUTBITFORMAT|"​String input to putbit incorrect."​|
 +|22|ERROR_POLYARRAY|"​Argument not an array for poly()/​stamp()"​|
 +|23|ERROR_POLYPOINTS|"​Not enough points in array for poly()/​stamp()"​|
 +|24|ERROR_IMAGEFILE|"​Unable to load image file."​|
 +|25|ERROR_SPRITENUMBER|"​Sprite number out of range."​|
 +|26|ERROR_SPRITENA|"​Sprite has not been assigned."​|
 +|27|ERROR_SPRITESLICE|"​Unable to slice image."​|
 +|28|ERROR_FOLDER|"​Invalid directory name."​|
 +|29|ERROR_DECIMALMASK|"​Decimal mask must be in the range of 0 to 15."|
 +|30|ERROR_DBOPEN|"​Unable to open SQLITE database."​|
 +|31|ERROR_DBQUERY|"​Database query error (message follows)."​|
 +|32|ERROR_DBNOTOPEN|"​Database must be opened first."​|
 +|33|ERROR_DBCOLNO|"​Column number out of range."​|
 +|34|ERROR_DBNOTSET|"​Record set must be opened first."​|
 +|35|ERROR_EXTOPBAD|"​Invalid Extended Op-code."​|
 +|36|ERROR_NETSOCK|"​Error opening network socket."​|
 +|37|ERROR_NETHOST|"​Error finding network host."​|
 +|38|ERROR_NETCONN|"​Unable to connect to network host."​|
 +|39|ERROR_NETREAD|"​Unable to read from network connection."​|
 +|40|ERROR_NETNONE|"​Network connection has not been opened."​|
 +|41|ERROR_NETWRITE|"​Unable to write to network connection."​|
 +|42|ERROR_NETSOCKOPT|"​Unable to set network socket options."​|
 +|43|ERROR_NETBIND|"​Unable to bind network socket."​|
 +|44|ERROR_NETACCEPT|"​Unable to accept network connection."​|
 +|45|ERROR_NETSOCKNUMBER|"​Invalid Socket Number"​|
 +|46|ERROR_PERMISSION|"​You do not have permission to use this statement/​function."​|
 +|47|ERROR_IMAGESAVETYPE|"​Invalid image save type."​|
 +|48|ERROR_ARGUMENTCOUNT|"​Number of arguments passed does not match FUNCTION/​SUBROUTINE definition."​|
 +|49|ERROR_MAXRECURSE|Maximum levels of recursion exceeded.|
 +|50|ERROR_DIVZERO|Division by zero.|
 +|9999|ERROR_NOTIMPLEMENTED|"​Feature not implemented in this environment."​|
 +==== Example ====
 +# test error trapping
 +onerror nicetrap
 +print 1
 +next haha
 +print 2
 +open 999, "​bogus.file"​
 +print "Runs Anyway"​
 +# test error trapping off and fail at any error (default)
 +print 3
 +next hoho
 +print "never get here"
 +# this is the nice error handler
 +print "trap and run - error on line " + lasterrorline + " - error number " + lasterror + " message " + lasterrormessage + " (" + lasterrorextra + "​)"​
 +will display\\
 +trap and run - error on line 4 - error number 4 message Next without FOR ()
 +trap and run - error on line 6 - error number 5 message Invalid File Number ()
 +Runs Anyway
 +ERROR on line 12: Next without FOR 
 +==== See Also ====
 +[[Lasterror|Lasterror]],​ [[Lasterrorextra|Lasterrorextra]],​ [[Lasterrorline|Lasterrorline]],​ [[Lasterrormessage|Lasterrormessage]],​ [[Offerror|Offerror]],​ [[Onerror|Onerror]],​ [[ThrowError|ThrowError]]
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