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input prompt_expression, stringvariable
input prompt_expression, numericvariable
input stringvariable
input numericvarvariable
input prompt_expression, string_array_variable[index]
input prompt_expression, numeric_array_variablevariable to store an array of numeric values[index]
input string_array_variable[index]
input numeric_array_variable[index]
input prompt_expression, string_array_variable[index, index]
input prompt_expression, numeric_array_variable[index, index]
input string_array_variable[index, index]
input numeric_array_variable[index, index]


Waits for the user to type a line of text into the text output window. When the user hits the enter or return key, the line is read in to stringvar or numericvariable.
User may optionally be prompted for the input by expression.
If a numeric variable is specified and non-numeric data is entered a zero will be assigned to the numeric variable.
References to array elements may also be specified.

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