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 +===== Input =====
 +==== Format ====
 +**input** //​prompt_expression//,​ //​stringvariable//​\\
 +**input** //​prompt_expression//,​ //​numericvariable//​\\
 +**input** //​stringvariable//​\\
 +**input** //​numericvarvariable//​\\
 +**input** //​prompt_expression//,​ //​string_array_variable[index]//​\\
 +**input** //​prompt_expression//,​ //​numeric_array_variable[index]//​\\
 +**input** //​string_array_variable[index]//​\\
 +**input** //​numeric_array_variable[index]//​\\
 +**input** //​prompt_expression//,​ //​string_array_variable[index,​ index]//\\
 +**input** //​prompt_expression//,​ //​numeric_array_variable[index,​ index]//\\
 +**input** //​string_array_variable[index,​ index]//\\
 +**input** //​numeric_array_variable[index,​ index]//\\
 +==== Description ====
 +Waits for the user to type a line of text into the text output window. ​ When the user hits the enter or return key, the line is read in to //​stringvar//​ or //​numericvariable//​.\\
 +User may optionally be prompted for the input by //​expression//​.\\
 +If a numeric variable is specified and non-numeric data is entered a zero will be assigned to the numeric variable.\\
 +References to array elements may also be specified.
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