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 +===== Removed Features and Statements =====
 +Sometimes during the evolution of a program (and many systems) it becomes apparent that features that were added at one point have become unnecessary or must be radically changed to support the future. ​ This page lists the changes that fall into that category.
 +^Statements and Features Removed^^^
 +||**color** //red//, //blue//, //green// -and- **color** ( //red//, //blue//, //green// )|This form of the color statement was deprecated and should be replaced with "​**color** **rgb** ( //red//, //blue//, //green// )|
 +||**decimal** //n//|The decimal statement was used to specify the maximum number of decimal digits to show when displaying a floating point number. ​ In the re-write to support the display of very large and really small numbers in scientific notation this feature was removed.|
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