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 +===== Say =====
 +==== Format ====
 +**say** //​expression//​\\
 +**say** ( //​expression//​ )
 +==== Description ====
 +Uses the the system Text to Speech (TTS) engine to say the //​expression//​. ​ In LINUX the FLite or eSpeak libraries are required. ​ In Windows the current default SAPI voice will be used.
 +==== Notes ====
 +Windows SAPI will use the default voice you have defined on your control panel. ​ To change the default for Linux/Mac using the ESpeak library you need to copy the desired voice file to the name //​default//​.
 +# Statements to set default language to '​fr'​ on Ubuntu 10.10
 +# Your system may be different
 +cd /​usr/​share/​espeak-data/​voices
 +sudo cp fr default
 +==== New To Version ==== 
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