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 +===== Sound =====
 +==== Format ====
 +**sound** //​frequency//,​ //​duration//​\\
 +**sound** ( //​frequency//,​ //​duration//​ )\\
 +**sound** ( //array// )\\
 +**sound** //array//\\
 +**sound** {frequency1,​ duration1, frequency2, duration2, ...}
 +==== Description ====
 +Play a sound from the computer'​s speakers.Frequency is expressed in Hz and duration is expressed in milliseconds (1000 in a second). An array or list containing frequency and durations may also be passed. ​ This eliminates any clicking between sounds when more than one is being output sequentially.
 +Sound support for LINUX systems was added in version 0.9.5g. ​ Sound was changed to use the default sound device in Windows in version 0.9.5h
 +==== See Also ====
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