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Color (Statement)



Sets the current drawing color to colorname or to an ARGB value where ( (a * 256 + r) * 256 + b) * 256 + g. If a single color is specified both the pen and the brush will be set to the same color.

When drawing solid shapes (Chord,Circle,Pie,Poly,Rect, and Stamp) the border of the shape will be drawn with the pen color and the shape itself will be filled with the brush color. A brush color of CLEAR is used to not fill a closed shape.

If the current pen and brush are both set to CLEAR the pixels or shapes drawn will clear the pixels of the graphics output area and make them transparent. This is especially useful when creating sprites using the Spriteslice command.

Color Constant (Name)ARGB ValuesInteger
BLACK255, 0, 0, 04278190080Black
WHITE255, 255, 255, 2554294506744White
RED255, 255, 0, 04294901760red
DARKRED255, 128, 0, 04286578688darkred
GREEN255, 0, 255, 04278255360green
DARKGREEN255, 0, 128, 04278222848darkgreen
BLUE255, 0, 0, 2554278190335blue
DARKBLUE255, 0, 0, 1284278190208darkblue
CYAN255, 0, 255, 2554278255615cyan
DARKCYAN255, 0, 128, 1284278222976darkcyan
PURPLE255, 255, 0, 2554294902015purple
DARKPURPLE255, 128, 0, 1284286578816darkpurple
YELLOW255, 255, 255, 04294967040yellow
DARKYELLOW255, 128, 128 ,04286611456darkyellow
ORANGE255, 255, 102, 04294927872orange
DARKORANGE255, 176, 61 ,04289344256darkorange
GREY255, 164, 164 ,1644288980132grey
DARKGREY255, 128, 128 ,1284286611584darkgrey
CLEAR0, 0, 0, 00
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Deprecated Form

In version the statement form “color red, blue, green” or “color ( red, blue, green )” was deprecated and a warning will be displayed when it is encountered. It should be replaced with “color rgb ( red, blue, green )”.


color rgb(128,128,128)
rect 0,0,graphwidth, graphheight

penwidth 5
color green,red
circle 100,100,50

penwidth 1
color rgb(255,160,160)
circle 100,100,25

Will draw a grey rectangle with a green circle filled with red and then a pink circle inside it.

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0.9.5madded “COLOR r,g,b” form and numeric representation of color names brush color and deprecated the “COLOR r,g,b”. color values to include Alpha (transparency) and changed color constants to new ARGB values. values to positive numbers following formula as documented.
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