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Dim (Statement)


Create a One Dimensional Array

Create a Two Dimensional Array

Use a List to Create and Fill an Array

Copy One Array to Another

dim variable = variable[]
dim variable[] = variable[]

Fill an Existing Array With a Single Value

dim variable fill expression
dim variable[] fill expression


Returns a newly created single dimensional array of length integer or a 2 dimensional array that can be addressed by row and column. By default the elements in the array are left uninitialized (empty), You may add the fill option to fill all elements with a single value.

The first element of an array has an index of 0 (zero). Indexes range from 0 to length-1.

The dim statement can also be used to create a new array that is a duplicate of another array. The form “DIM var = var” does this by dimensioning a new array in memory and copying all of the data from the original array.


dim z = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
print z[0] + " " + z[4]

will print

1 5

Example Two

dim c(4)
c[0] = "cow"
c[1] = "brown"
c[2] = "how"
c[3] = "now"
print c[2] + " " + c[3] + " ";
print c[1] + " " + c[0] + "?"

will print

how now brown cow?

See Also

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