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Non Trappable Errors
Error #Error Description
-3ERROR_NOTARRAYVariable %VARNAME% is not an array
-5ERROR_ARGUMENTCOUNTNumber of arguments passed does not match FUNCTION/SUBROUTINE definition
-6ERROR_MAXRECURSEMaximum levels of recursion exceeded
-8ERROR_BADCALLFUNCTIONFunction was not called correctly
-9ERROR_BADCALLSUBROUTINESubroutine was not called correctly
Trappable Errors
Error #Error Description
5ERROR_FILENUMBERInvalid File Number
6ERROR_FILEOPENUnable to open file
8ERROR_FILEWRITEUnable to write to file
9ERROR_FILERESETUnable to reset file
10ERROR_ARRAYSIZELARGEArray %VARNAME% dimension too large
11ERROR_ARRAYSIZESMALLArray %VARNAME% dimension too small
13ERROR_VARNOTASSIGNEDVariable %VARNAME% has not been assigned a value
14ERROR_ARRAYNITEMSArray %VARNAME% rows must have the same number of items
15ERROR_ARRAYINDEXArray %VARNAME% index out of bounds
17ERROR_STRSTARTStarting position less than zero
20ERROR_RGBRGB Color values must be in the range of 0 to 255
21ERROR_PUTBITFORMATString input to putbit incorrect
23ERROR_POLYPOINTSNot enough points in array for poly()/stamp()
24ERROR_IMAGEFILEUnable to load image file
25ERROR_SPRITENUMBERSprite number out of range
26ERROR_SPRITENASprite has not been assigned
27ERROR_SPRITESLICEUnable to slice image
28ERROR_FOLDERInvalid directory name
29ERROR_INFINITYOperation returned infinity
30ERROR_DBOPENUnable to open SQLITE database
31ERROR_DBQUERYDatabase query error (message follows)
32ERROR_DBNOTOPENDatabase must be opened first
33ERROR_DBCOLNOColumn number out of range or column name not in data set
34ERROR_DBNOTSETRecord set must be opened first
35ERROR_TYPECONVUnable to convert string to number
36ERROR_NETSOCKError opening network socket
37ERROR_NETHOSTError finding network host
38ERROR_NETCONNUnable to connect to network host
39ERROR_NETREADUnable to read from network connection
40ERROR_NETNONENetwork connection has not been opened
41ERROR_NETWRITEUnable to write to network connection
42ERROR_NETSOCKOPTUnable to set network socket options
43ERROR_NETBINDUnable to bind network socket
44ERROR_NETACCEPTUnable to accept network connection
45ERROR_NETSOCKNUMBERInvalid Socket Number
46ERROR_PERMISSIONYou do not have permission to use this statement/function
47ERROR_IMAGESAVETYPEInvalid image save type
50ERROR_DIVZERODivision by zero
51ERROR_BYREFFunction/Subroutine expecting variable reference in call
53ERROR_FREEFILEThere are no free file numbers to allocate
54ERROR_FREENETThere are no free network connections to allocate
55ERROR_FREEDBThere are no free database connections to allocate
56ERROR_DBCONNNUMBERInvalid Database Connection Number
57ERROR_FREEDBSETThere are no free data sets to allocate for that database connection
58ERROR_DBSETNUMBERInvalid data set number
59ERROR_DBNOTSETROWYou must advance the data set using DBROW before you can read data from it
60ERROR_PENWIDTHDrawing pen width must be a non-negative number
62ERROR_ARRAYINDEXMISSINGArray variable %VARNAME% has no value without an index
63ERROR_IMAGESCALEImage scale must be greater than or equal to zero
64ERROR_FONTSIZEFont size, in points, must be greater than or equal to zero
65ERROR_FONTWEIGHTFont weight must be greater than or equal to zero
66ERROR_RADIXSTRINGUnable to convert radix string back to a decimal number
67ERROR_RADIXRadix conversion base muse be between 2 and 36
68ERROR_LOGRANGEUnable to calculate the logarithm or root of a negative number
69ERROR_STRINGMAXLENString exceeds maximum length of 16,777,216 characters
71ERROR_PRINTERNOTONPrinter is not on
72ERROR_PRINTERNOTOFFPrinting is already on
73ERROR_PRINTEROPENUnable to open printer
74ERROR_WAVFILEFORMATMedia file does not exist or in an unsupported format
75ERROR_WAVNOTOPENMedia file not open
78ERROR_FILEOPERATIONCan not perform that operation on a Serial Port
79ERROR_SERIALPARAMETERInvalid serial port parameter
80ERROR_LONGRANGENumber exceeds long integer range ()
81ERROR_INTEGERRANGENumber exceeds integer range ()
65535ERROR_NOTIMPLEMENTED“Feature not implemented in this environment.”
Error #Error Description
65536+ERROR_TYPECONVWARNING_TYPECONVUnable to convert string to number, zero used
65536+ERROR_WAVNODURATIONWARNING_WAVNODURATIONDuration is not available for media file
65536+ERROR_VARNOTASSIGNEDWARNING_VARNOTASSIGNEDVariable %VARNAME% has not been assigned a value
65536+ERROR_LONGRANGEWARNING_LONGRANGENumber exceeds long integer range ()
65536+ERROR_INTEGERRANGEWARNING_INTEGERRANGENumber exceeds integer range ()
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