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Global (Statement)



Global will define a list of one or more (comma separated) variables that will be accessible and changeable within Subroutines and Functions. These variables can be simple variables, or array variables.

Global variables can only be defined outside of any block statement and should be defined BEFORE you call a Function or Subroutine.


global a, name$
dim a(10)
dim name$(10)
a = {1,4,6,8,45,34,76,98,43,12}
name$ = {"Bob","Sue","Sam","Jim","Luis","Guido","Steve","Angela","Joe","Paul"} 
t = 99
call printnames()
print t + " was unchanged - not global"

subroutine printnames()
  for t = 0 to name$[?] -1
    print a[t] + " " + name$[t]
  next t
end subroutine


1 Bob
4 Sue
6 Sam
8 Jim
45 Luis
34 Guido
76 Steve
98 Angela
43 Joe
12 Paul
99 was unchanged - not global

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