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Include (Statement)


include "file_name"


Loads an external source file at compile (when the run button is pressed) time into the program. The argument to the Include statement must be a string constant.


saved as smilerandom.kbs
include "smilesubroutine.kbs"
while true
   call drawsmile(300*rand, 300*rand, 50*rand+5)
end while
saved as smilesubroutine.kbs
subroutine drawsmile(x,y,r)
   # draw a smile with the center at x,y and with a radius of r
   # position and size everything based on fractional multiples of the radius
   color black, yellow
   penwidth 1
   circle x, y, r
   color black
   circle x, y+.2*r, .5*r
   color yellow
   circle x, y, .5*r
   color black
   eye = int(.1*r)
   if eye=0 then eye = 1
   circle x-.35*r, y-.3*r, eye
   circle x+.35*r, y-.3*r, eye
end subroutine

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