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Pie (Statement)



Draws a pie shaped slice inside the rectangle defined by a bounding rectangle (defined by x_position, y_position, width, and height) or by a square bounding a circle (defined by center_x_position, center_y_position, radius). The angles are defined from the 12 o'clock position in a clockwise direction in radians.


# pie_chart.kbs
# 2012-12-29 j.m.reneau
# example of pie statement added on

dim data(5)
data = {1,3,5,7,10}
dim colors(5)
colors = {red,blue,green,yellow,cyan}
total = 0
for n = 0 to data[?]-1
   total += data[n]
next n

font "Arial", 20,100
startangle = 0
for n = 0 to data[?]-1
   # calculate the with of the pie slice in radians
   slicesize = 2*pi*data[n]/total
   color colors[n]
   pie 50,50,200,200,startangle,slicesize
   # draw the value's number  outside the pie
   text 140+sin(startangle+slicesize*.5)*120, 140-cos(startangle+slicesize*.5)*120, data[n]
   startangle += slicesize
next n


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