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Poly (Statement)



Draws a polygon. The sides of the polygon are defined by the values stored in the array, which should be stored as x,y pairs, sequentially. The length of a one dimensional array/2 or the number of rows on a two dimensional array will define the number of points.

One dimensional arrays and lists must have at least six values and an even number of values. A two dimensional array may have 3 or more rows but must have two columns.


# using an array
clg blue
color green
dim tri = {100, 100, 200, 200, 100, 200}
poly tri[]
# using a list
clg blue
color green
poly {{100, 100}, {200, 200}, {100, 200}}

Both programs use the poly statement to draw the following:

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0.9.4number of points in the array argument was removed from the poly statement dimensional list support was added required [] to passing variable array
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