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Program Syntax


BASIC-256 programs consist of a series of statements separated by newlines, which are executed in order.

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A line may optional begin with a label followed without a space with a colon to be used as a destination of a goto, gosub, or onerror.

print "before"
gosub display
print "after"

display:  print "in gosub"
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Compound Statement

Multiple statements may be included on a single line by separating then with a : (colon), this is called a compound statement. In the context of the language a single statement is also considered a “compound statement”.

total= 0: for t=1 to 10: total = total + t: next t: print "the total of 1 to 10 is " + total

Special care should be taken when including if/then statements in a compound line:

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The following is a sample program that shows single line statements, compound statements, and use of a label.

print "hello ";
gosub world

world: ### print out world
print "w";
print "o";: print "r";: print chr(asc("a")+11);
print right('Dd',1)
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