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You can think of a variable as a place in the computer's memory to store things. Each variable has a name that must begin with a letter, and may consist of any number of letters, numbers, and dollar signs. Their names are case sensitive, the variable 'a' is not the same as the variable “A”.

In BASIC-256 you do not need to define a variable before you use it. The variable is created when it is assigned a value for the first time and will retain its value until the program ends or the variable is unassigned.


a = 99Assigns the integer 99 to the variable a
nom = “Jim”Assigns the string “Jim” to the variable nom
print “Say hello to ” + nomAppends the string in nom the the string “Say hello to ” and displays the result
a = a + 1Takes the value of a and adds one to it, then store the new value back into a

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