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BASIC-256 Language Documentation

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Documentation Under Development or Incomplete

Sample Programs


  • The English documentation is the most complete.
  • The dutch documentation was completed in january 2012
  • A Russian translation is being performed and should be updated soon.
  • The German translation is several years old, missing much of the language's functionality, and has not been formatted for the WIKI. If you want to make changes or updates to the documentation, all you need to do is register. (Jim Reneau - 2010-06-30).
  • The French translation was completed in august 2013.


Документация на английском является наиболее полной. Русский перевод - в процессе и должен быть обновлен в ближайшее время. Перевод на немецкий был сделан несколько лет назад, отсутствует большая часть функциональности языка, и он не был отформатирован под WIKI. Если вы хотите внести изменения или дополнения к документации, все что вам нужно сделать, - это зарегистрироваться. (Джим Рено - 30 июня 2011)


De Engelse documentatie is de basis documentatie en is altijd de meest complete. De documentatie in het Nederlands werd in januari 2012 volledig bijgewerkt.
Indien je de documentatie wil aanvullen of aanpassen, volstaat het dat je je registreert.

Notes About the Site

2016-01-01 We had a few problems with an update of the wiki and all user registration has been lost. If you had an account to the server you will need to re-register and then contact me at jim{at}renejm{dot}com to be added back to the group that can edit the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2014-08 The ability to register is available (see the register link on the top right of the screen) but newly registered users will not be able to edit anything on the site. If you wish to be added to the editors list then email me at jim{at}renejm{dot}com with your DocuWIKI user name and a brief statement about your interest in this project and I will quickly get you access updated. Help us to make BASIC256 even better. Jim.

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