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Function (Statement)


function function_name ( function_variable_list )
end function


Create a function that will receive zero or more values, process those values and return either a value. Strings, integers, and floating point numbers may be returned by a function and are returned by executing a Return statement with a value ovby assigning the name of the function a value and allowing the End Function statement to be executed. All variables used within the function will be local to the function and will not change the values in the calling code.

Function variables may a list of zero or more, comma separated, variables. Arrays and variables may be passed by reference using the Ref definition.

Functions can be defined anywhere in your program, and can not be defined within another function, Subroutine or control block (If/Then, Do/Until, …)


print double("Hello")
print double(9)
print triple(3)

function double(a)
   double = a + a
end function

function triple(b)
   return b * 3
end function

will display


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1.99.99.Removed variable/function type
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